This is the analysis which takes us to make the new manifesto¬† “Civil & Political Rights for the Basque Youth”:

A new cycle is opening in Euskal Herria. A new phase in which a definitive solution to the conflict is posible. A time in which the construction of peace and steps towards a democratic process, gain strength every day.

In recent months many steps have been given in this direction, the involvement of major international actors in favor of the solution are proof of that. The acummulation of forces around human, civil and political rights is now a reality in Euskal Herria. Different political and social actors and union-trades, representing wide sectors of Basque society and different political cultures and ideologies, are taking clear commitments in the defense of all rights for all people. They are showing, through historical agreements, their involvement with a definitive and democratic solution.

Basque youth has also committed to be an active agent for the solution of the ongoing political conflict. Being aware of the responsibility that we take as present and future of Euskal Herria,  we work for the respect of all rights for everyone, and particularly human, civil and political rights that assist us as young people.

In this situation, the Spanish state is still violating the most basic rights. In recent months we have seen banned demonstrations, we have witnessed political arrests, we have heard testimonies of torture and public denounces of police chace to political, social actors and union trades.

In this context, the Basque youth remains criminalized and persecuted. And once again we are in the spotlight. If in November 2009 34 pro-independence young activists were the arrested, today there are many more who suffer from constant police persecution.

This analysis and the new manifest were presented the week 11-15 October in Brusselles.

The 22 October 2010 a new police raid was conducted against the basque youth…

Taking this into account, and faced with the need to disable these violations, the endorsers of this document state the following:

  • Basque youth has full legitimacy to develop their political work under the same conditions and with the same assurances that any other agent.
  • We call for the disappearance of situations involving the breach of any human, civil or political right of the Basque youth.
  • We demand the dissapearence of the incommunicado detention, in order to avoid the possible abuse that may occur through its application.
  • We ask the Spanish Government for a positive attitude towards the new scenario in Euskal Herria.
  • We express our support and solidarity with the Basque youth’s political work, so helping, the solution to the political conflict.